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Updated 11/23/2017 (Happy Thanksgiving)

It literally is this easy...

Take this
Combine it with this
Combine with this
Combine with this
Combine with this

Updated on 8/17/2017

Hello world. 

Lately the human inhabitants on this planet have become intensely divided.  Both sides of an imaginary line have waged wars in their hearts and minds against each other – against their brothers and sisters.  We don’t have to be divided.  We can forgive and move on and make the world a better place for our children.  That’s our purpose.

I am sure I am not alone when I hear news, events, and pop culture news I think “Why are we even talking about this?”  Our species is deep, loving, imaginative, and productive.  We shouldn’t be fighting with each other. 

We need to focus on a new direction. We need a direction that will define the human species on this planet and many more planets to come.

And this direction is “Freedom and a guaranteed middle class lifestyle for all.”  Period.

All of our society is so delicately balanced on games of pretend: pretend money, borders, laws, etc.  To improve it all, why not pretend a new game?  To help with the world’s problems like war, violence, racism, greed, corruption, etc. we need to boil these problems down to a simple child’s game of pretend.

  • Let’s all pretend that all of us are not republican or democrat.  Let’s all pretend that we are directly in the middle politically and that we don’t like the extremes from both political sides. For most of us, we don’t have to pretend. 
  • Let’s all pretend that our already pretend money is a new pretend money that is encrypted and decentralized, perhaps Bitcoin. Let’s overnight start using a fair, sound money. It’s already a pretend game anyway, let’s update the game.
  • Let’s all stop pretending that these endless wars we fight in other nations are in our best interest.  The spirit of America is that of a kind, loving people who want to be a beacon of hope for all mankind; not aggressors working for banks and weapons makers.
  • To keep the war machine and all the jobs that go with it, let’s pretend that we need to unite as a planet and work together to build a defense network to thwart alien invaders.  It’s better to build up arms to fight imaginary aliens than each other.
  • Let’s pretend that our differences make us stronger.  Let’s challenge each other and don’t judge when we disagree.  Let’s debate honestly and respectfully using fact and logic.
  • Let’s pretend that there is a new global company called “The Collective Human Evolution Project” and every single person who needs a job will automatically have one with this new company.
    • This new company will build clean, efficient cities using mostly robots and any worker who wants to help spread these connected cities around the globe.
    • Let’s pretend that the workers of all races, religions, and sexes work together side by side, following an army of robots and tunnel boring machines.  The human workers will get free food, and parties, and have fun building the future together.  Racism will evaporate like a distant memory. 
  • These pretend cities will come with free water, power, and wireless internet.
  • These pretend cities will use evacuated tube transport like Riding the tube system will charge a low fee to the rider, these fees will provide health care for the citizens.
  • These pretend cities will be 3D printed from hemp concrete by giant robots that look like spiders. 
  • All pretend laws will be rewritten to simply include all crimes that have a victim such as rape, murder, theft, etc.
  • All pretend laws that do not include a victim such as drugs, prostitution, etc. will be legalized and treated as a health issue and not a criminal issue.
  • Once this new pretend way of life becomes reality, we then work on building space traveling robot armies that prepare planets for us to inhabit.  They can land and autonomously start preparing a planet surface with an entire city, complete with android inhabitants that are waiting to please us like a Westworld utopia. 

All people need to do is look down at their phone and see that they are already connected worldwide.  Once they realize this, they will finally realize that we can govern ourselves as a massive collective.  We just need to agree that we all are here to protect each other and be free.  We will all be free.  We can fight the real battles with evil in our hearts together as friends, instead of directing it towards each other over made up racism and dogmas.


I pray for peace daily.


-          -  Jacob Heaven

Original Post From Before

PLEASE NOTE: This social engineering solution was dreamed up by Jacob Heaven, and does not necessarily represent the feelings of anyone besides Jacob Heaven.

I now present to you: the way to fix human civilization.

  1. Create jobs by building futuristic cities
  2. Create an internet-enabled, encrypted voting app to give voice to the people
  3. Enact term limits on government positions to eliminate corporate influence in government.

On a fundamental level, the main problem facing humans today is a lack of focus.  Somewhere along the line we became blinded with apathy, greed and laziness.  We forgot our true purpose: to make a better world for our children and their children.  When we all eventually come together and unify on this purpose, we then can resume our identity as city builders and renew our collective focus.

We need to start by building a new city. A city where people travel in electric vehicles that are electromagnetically propelled in evacuated tubes ( in between the roads, and propelled by rotating tires on top of solar roads ( 

Make all drugs, prostitution, and all other non-violent crime legal and regulated in this new city (,8599,1893946,00.html). Make all energy, internet, and water free of charge. Make sure this new city is carbon negative.  Have the city use hemp products for all consumables like plastic, paper, clothing, medicine, etc ( All structures must be made from hemp concrete ( These buildings can be 3D printed from giant, spider-like machines.  The structures will be superior to lumber construction in every way.  Top all structures with solar roof tiles ( 

Hydrocarbon plastics and fuels made from oil will henceforth be illegal ( 

Then this new city can be the central origin point for a new human existence. Once the city is complete, populated, and all the kinks worked out; we then employ all of  the world's unemployed to spread the new city out around the globe like the web of a futuristic spider. We humans can spend the next 1000 years spreading these small, connected city clusters around the globe all while striving toward a completely symbiotic relationship with our planet. These cities will spread freedom, and at least a middle class lifestyle for every citizen throughout the world.

Then while this new reality spreads around the globe we then make a new government entity: The Fourth Branch.

This will be an encrypted app installed on our smart phones that will give an undeniable political voice to the people of the world. This will become the main government entity, world wide, in every government.  This will be the means for the people to directly vote on key issues in their regions without media and government manipulation.  People will use their biometric finger prints to cast votes. This will become the TRUE voice of the people.

Then we not only enact term limits for all government positions, we take it a step further and have the pool of delegates for each position randomly selected. Government in all levels will become glorified forms of jury duty. Citizens will perform their duty to this country and then return home to their lives after their term has concluded -- just as our founders intended.

We need to create jobs by building new futuristic cities, we need to create a new internet enabled government system to give voice to the people, and we need to enact term limits on the current government positions to eliminate corporate influence in government.